Painting by Gavin Pound

“Hello Gorgeous!” is what the team at Penthouse Hairdressing want people to hear after they have had their hair done at the Bunbury hair salon that has the goal to provide the very best service and products for their clients.

What woman doesn’t want to hear a compliment about her appearance – especially a new hairstyle or even just a cut and blow-wave?

And men aren’t immune to compliments about their personal grooming – and that often starts with their hairstyle.

Let’s face it – we all like to ‘look’ good, have a hairstyle that is both practical and also fashionable, and it makes us feel good about ourselves – compliments just enhance that feeling.

Penthouse Hairdressing is here for you and that enhanced sense of self.

Our staff is dedicated to making sure that you receive the best advice, and then the best service to ensure your salon experience is exactly what you want.

Going to a hair salon like Penthouse Hairdressing is not just an ego trip – personal appearance plays a big part in our everyday life – it affects the relationships we have or desire to make – with partners, potential employers, with clientele, with new friends and so on.

So when you hear someone say “Hello Gorgeous!” – you know you are on the right track – and it is our job at our hairstyling salon here in Bunbury to ensure that we expose you to the very best – in cutting, colouring and styling – with close attention to the latest hairstyling techniques, hairstyle fashions and hair care services and products that protect your hair and skin.

” Comfortable atmosphere, friendly staff, great service, I am always happy with the cut , colour and style when I leave. Thanks Team! “
– Tammie