Expressing our commitment

We are a professional hairdressing boutique business, employing six highly qualified intelligent senior hairdressers.

We are not a charity or not for profit organisation. Our aim is to give our clients the most helpful up to date professional information available to us.

We are constantly training and working with our supply companies to bring to this salon the very latest in techniques, equipment and industry knowledge.

We support our local community by donating countless amounts of money by way of vouchers and time for their fund raising activities.

Just like a good piece of steak from your local butcher, you will get quality, just like a plumber fixing a dripping tap, you will get, it fixed, just like an electrician making your home safe you will get good advice and intelligence.

Our commitment to our clients is to offer our advice to deliver our knowledge and to give you our best service we can provide.

We only use the very best products in our salon, what we sell in our retail range is what we use in our salon. We do not buy in cheap bulk products, We do not package deals with highly inflated quotes at bargain prices.

Our price structure is to cover all of the above, we do not do cheap and cheerful, we do not haggle or price match. We do pay good wages and employee people, which provides them with the opportunity of a good living.

We do have a good happy business, and we look forward to having you as part of our clientele……