Colour Hair Extensions

100% Human Hair

Great Lengths Colour Hair Extensions

LESS TIME – No hours spent foiling hair then tinting the roots.

NO DAMAGE – Chemical free colouring effects means no stripping of hair to get the ends 2-4 levels lighter.

NO RISK – The hair is pre coloured, all you need to do is apply it.

Colour 1 (roots) Colour 2 (ends)

Dark shades:
Natural Dark Brown(1B) – Dark Brown(03)
Dark Brown(03) – Warm Red Brown(05)
Medium Brown(04) – Dark Copper Blonde(28)
Medium shades:
Dark Brown(03) – Gold Beige Blonde(84)
Natural Ash Brown(64) – Cool Ultra Blonde(23)
Dark Gold Beige(08) – Beige Blonde(24)
Light shades:
Gold Beige Blonde(84) – Light Blonde(10)
Medium Ash Blonde(63) – Cool Ultra Blonde(23)
Medium Cool Blonde(09) – Light Blonde(10)
Red shade:
Dark Mahogany Red(33)-Mahogany Red(32)


Remember . . . . WE LISTEN TO YOU

You are in charge – we want to hear what YOU want as this allows our hairstylists to work to achieve the ‘look’ you want – taking into consideration your lifestyle or any special occasion that brings you to the salon.     

You are always welcome to drop by and chat with the staff about your needs with no obligation