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100% Human Hair

Great Lengths Hair Extensions

Would You love to have a long hair style – but can’t wait for it to grow?

Love to have a long straight hair style – but yours goes too curly?


Enhance your look with 100% natural hair extensions – perfect for THAT look …… NOW!

Our skilled team, at what we consider Bunbury’s best hair salon, are committed to providing the highest standard professionalism based on our commitment to you our valued clients.                               


Not a problem! Great Lengths Hair Extensions offer a guaranteed solution.

Penthouse Hair Extensions Specialists will provide the solution – experience the difference

Our clients range from twenty-somethings chasing full luscious locks to women over fifty who desire thickness to their hair.

Clients love Great Lengths Hair Extensions because they look and feel completely natural and guarantee results day in, day out.


Want a safe colour change?

Not a problem! Great Lengths provides a solution that avoids the damage that frequent colouring your own hair may do.

We use Great Lengths to create highlights and lowlights. 

Many people are still in the mindset that hair extensions are only about making hair longer.

The truth is that Great Lengths is equally as effective for creating short modern hairstyles. The lob is typically worn straight and sleek and looks great on medium to thick hair.

Great Lengths strands have a beautiful natural wave which means it’s also easy to create another lob look with sexy loose tousled curls.

Great Lengths Hair Extensions Colour

Hair fashion meets the runway this Spring / Summer. The hot trend of the season is Colour Blocking.

Colour Blocking in hair draws its inspiration predominantly from the catwalk and seems to be an evolution from Balayage which still remains extremely popular and in demand. Create both colour effects easily with no bleaching, use Great Lengths Colour Block strands

Click here to read more information about colour for extensions

Remember . . . . WE LISTEN TO YOU

You are in charge – we want to hear what YOU want as this allows our hairstylists to work to achieve the ‘look’ you want – taking into consideration your lifestyle or any special occasion that brings you to the salon.                                                

You are always welcome to drop by and chat with the staff about your needs with no obligation