Principal stylist Gavin…

Ladies Haircutting & styling First visit $85.00 – $95.00

Senior Stylist

Ladies Haircutting & styling $82.00
Ladies Haircutting only $72.00
Teens Haircutting & styling $65.50 – $75.50
(with principal stylist or Saturday full adult price )
Ladies Re-Booked Discount 4-6 weeks appointment Please ask our staff for info….
Men’s cutting from $25.00 – $35.00

Children’s cutting from $25.00 – $36.00
(up to 16yrs, still at school)

Our staff are qualified Senior Stylists with many years of experience,
Therefore our prices reflect that, no discounts except our advertised offers
will be given..


Blowave styling short hair $49.00
(Weekly visit discount) $44.00
Long Hair or Extra Finish $70.00
Long Hair Up Styling (1 hour allowed) $95.00
Glam & Go come into the salon with clean dry hair and we finish it for you….$30
(extra time needed for any of the above / extra charge applies)


Mini treatment at the basin $25.00
Massage treatment $35.00
Nano N . Gravity 3D Shine on top of Cut $45.00
Nano N . Gravity 3 D Shine with Blowave $68.00
NANOKERATIN Repair Treatment $125.00 – $155.00
(includes blowdry finish)
NANOKERATIN 3xTreatments x 3months $330.00 paid in advance

Smoothing & Anti Frizz Treatments

Smoothing Package short $490.00 (includes take home care)
Extra product mix long $65 (per 10 ml extra mix)

RETEX Chemical Straightening Price as above for Smoothing
(These prices do not include Cutting)

A deposit of $150.00 required to hold an appointment for this service…. conditions apply

You pay what you want and as often as you want, we will keep it aside for you and credit your next appointment.


The following prices are a guide, a Firm quote can be given after a Full Consultation.

As Colouring is a very individual service, there are many variations to prices below.

We would be delighted to create an individual look for you.

Permanent colour Regrowth & colour bath ends from $82.00

Demi Colour Short hair from $77.00

Full Head Foils one colour from $157.00

Half Head Foils one colour from $107.00

Individual Foils when not being added to a full colour
minimum charge ( 1-8 foils) $50.00
Foils over the top of a colour from $6.50
Extra mix of colour for longer hair or second colour $26.00 per mix

Toners or Ends shine $26.00 per mix

Hairline or T section $50.00

Permanent wave / Body wave

Permanent wave including style cut & finish from $164.00
Spiral Perms from $264.00
Extra charge extra long from $65.00

Hair Extensions Great Lengths
Per strand 30/40cm $12.00
Per strand 50cm $13.00
Per strand 60cm $17.20

Removal per Half Hour $40.00
Consultation for measure $50.00 (deducted when deposit is paid)

Our Prices for Styling and Cutting include a Complimentary
Shampoo, Conditioning and Massage.
To achieve a quality Professional result and also for Health and Cleanliness reasons,
we need to work on clean, wet hair. We do not do Dry Hair Cuts.
We hope you enjoy being pampered.
This service is also available to men’s and children’s cuts on request