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Having a good haircut is essential and that is what our men and boys hairstyling is all about.mens hairdressers bunbury

Our hair stylists are trained in the latest fashions and trends so when you want to describe what you want - one thing to do is bring a picture of what you like and talk to them about it - if it fits your age, hair texture, colour and facila structure.

Making sure a haircut grows out well and is easy to style at home is also something our stylists care about. They will offer tips on styling and product recommendations during or after your service that will help get the best out of your hair after you leave the salon.


Nowadays – guys like to have a stylish hair cut – and use the full scale of grooming products now available that helps maintain your style after you leave the salon.It is necessary to maintain healthy hair and skin…. to look good, and to feel good about yourself as well.

Why buy fashionable clothes – but neglect your personal appearance in regards to your haircut and skin condition and other facial aspects (teeth, eyebrows, beard etc)

At Penthouse Hairdressing quality is our standard and we have the finest products for us to use in the salon and offering a full range of options for the modern man.




A Few Hair Care Tips

Reducing Frizz and Curl
Don't make the mistake of trying to rame curly hair when it is dry as this just makes the situation worse. It is crucial to use product when your hair is wet as this helps block humidity and define the curl pattern - and once it is dry don't fuss with it.

Rather than washing your hair curly hair daily, it is best left to every 2-3 days and use a moisturising shampoo and conditioner for unruly, coarse hair

Why Come To Penthouse Hairdressing? Why invest the little extra cost into your personal grooming?

  • If you have a great outfit it can be ruined with a bad or mediocre haircut.

  • It pays to put effort into having a good hairstyle since it is near your face and one of the first things people notice about you.

  • A good haircut and style is obvious, which shows you have some effort into your personal appearance.

  • Our stylists have better and more training than the ole barber shop or chain ahirdressers. After all, they have to go through an apprenticeship at a specific salon and are constantly updating tchniques and trends.

  • penthouse wella products

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                                                            Monday closed, (answering service available for appointments)

                      Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday: 9.00am to 5.00pm Thursday 9.00am to 7.00pm Saturday 8.00am to1.00pm

You will find us at

                                                            Shop 4, Bunbury Plaza Shopping Centre, Spencer Street Bunbury WA 6230

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