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To enjoy and maintain the longevity of your new Great Lengths hair extensions, it is essential that you are aware of and follow these maintenance guidelines


• Do not shampoo your hair for 48 hours after your Great Lengths service, including initial and maintenance services. This will give enough time for the bonds to settle and ensure that your extensions will not slide out through premature contact with cleansing chemicals.

• Expect to see small quantities of naturally released hair trapped in the bonds after some time. This is quite normal and should not be interpreted as hairs being pulled out of the scalp by the extensions themselves. These ends can be cut by your stylist to minimise tangling close to the bonds.

• Prior to bed, pull your hair back into a soft ponytail to prevent tangling while sleeping. Use a Great Lengths Satin Pillowcase to allow your hair to move freely while you sleep.

• Return to your salon two weeks after your extensions have been applied for a check-up appointment. It may be necessary to replace a few strands if they have not settled correctly.

• If you experience bond slippage or any discomfort, contact your Great Lengths Certified technician to determine the cause and remedy the situation.

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• Brush your hair twice a day using a Great Lengths brush which is specifically designed for Great Lengths hair extensions.

Do not use hard brush strokes.

Separate your applied strands using your fingers and slowly brush close to the scalp. This will avoid matting in this area.

Do not use a hard bristled brush. This may cause the extension strands to slip out.

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